What is a Mobile Notary and How it Helps Entrepreneurs?

January 3, 2021/ Posted in Mobile Notary

Do you know what is a mobile notary and why almost every entrepreneur needs one? If you ever had something notarized, you know how much time and effort can this process take. That’s when traveling notary public service comes in to help you with finding what you need and to save your time. Sounds convenient, right? Let’s see the broader story behind it.

Every entrepreneur that wants to be successful has so much work to do before they can start their own business. One of the legal requirements is also notarization of all documents, including the deals with credit card processing companies and merchant services providers. The one person who can ease all of this for you is a mobile notary. Who are they, and what do they do? Here’s a complete answer.

Why Do We Need Public Notaries?

You might wonder, why do I even need someone to notarize my documents? The answer is quite simple – sometimes a signature isn’t enough. If you wish to avoid fraud and you want to ensure proper execution of all important documents you have to sign when starting your entrepreneurship, that means you have to go to the notary. That person with credentials will witness that each signee was present and that they provided proper identification. Also, every contract needs to be signed willingly and knowingly, which is another role of the witness – to make sure each party is there by their own will. After that, the notary affixes an official seal. For all of this, you needed to leave at least a day to find a good notary, to go to their business office, and to do all of that at a specific timing. Imagine being in the middle of learning what a merchant account is and how credit card processing works and you need to take care of this as well. It doesn’t sound swell. That’s why there are mobile notary services.

A person with credentials should be a witness while you sign important papers

What Is a Mobile Notary or a Loan Signing Agent?

So, what is a mobile notary public, and why is it so beneficial? It was the industry’s answer to a problem that occurred during the tight timeline all of us have each day.

It is not practical for every entrepreneur to have their own notary, and that is why traveling notaries save the day.

Notarization of documents and loan signings are usually an urgent thing. Instead of waiting for your appointment, you can just call a notary to your home to witness the signing. They can also help facilitate the closings of a mortgage while you continue setting up a merchant account and learning about average credit card processing fees. This is all about saving many hours and calculating is it worth waiting for service, or having it anytime you want. Your time is precious, and that is why you shouldn’t spend it on something you don’t have to.

What Is a Mobile Notary Signing Agent Compared to in-Office or Remote Public Notarization?

The main difference between these two is that a traveling or a mobile signing notary is someone who goes to their clients instead of clients coming to them. Traveling ones also have flexible working hours and probably work on the weekends, so you don’t haveĀ  to worry about managing everything and making it on time. They are usually available before and after your working hours, which is an immense help to the headaches notarization causes. Instead of going to a specific location at a certain time when you scheduled an appointment to meet the notary in person, you can just check out reputable traveling notaries and call them to come when it works for you. If you live in an area that has traffic congestion every day, this option will even save you the money you would spend on gas and parking.

Why would you go to some office to sign a loan if the notary can come to you?

What Are Other Benefits of Traveling Notarization?

The fact that a certain part of work can be done from your home isn’t only good because of saving precious time. Yes, it will also save you from the stress on the road, but what else makes this service so amazing? While you focus on finding the best credit card processing company or some other professional task, you won’t have to worry about finding a notary nearby if all parties have to be present. We all know how hard it is to fit our schedule with someone else who’s also very busy or maybe even poorly mobile due to age or illness. When you add, on top of all, that you require a notarized document ASAP, you’ll be in a problem. Traveling notaries are available everywhere, so it won’t matter where you live. Another important benefit is that these services can even be done in hospitals in case someone needs a power of attorney for property deeds. People in jail might also require these services as a power of attorney. Just search the internet or look up the yellow pages and see where the nearest certified public notary is.

It's easy to find the service that you require

What Does a Mobile Notary Cost?

Of course, you should calculate first if this option is the one that pays off. Traveling notaries can go from one to eight places in one day, even for a single signature. Since they are appointed by the State government, they will charge you a regular fee that the state determines, and a travel fee. There’s no legal regulation for the travel fee in many states, so make sure you know what is the case in the state you live in. You can check their website or contact the Governor or the Secretary of State and ask for every information you want to know. Sometimes the notaries will charge you extra for waiting in hospitals and jails, for example, and some have a travel fee limit. Here’s a tip: When you contact the traveling notary, make sure you ask them how far they travel and what exactly they charge. The usual costs are:

  • A travel fee
  • Notary fees
  • Excessive waiting fee
  • Document preparation fees
  • Copying fee (not necessary)
  • Late-night extra fee (not necessary)

If the price you receive sounds too big, don’t forget to ask them to break the number down. Also, states regulate each fee differently, so some have restrictions when it comes to travel fees. Do your homework and get all the information before calling and booking an appointment.

How Do Notaries Charge for Their Services?

As we said, these fees vary by the state you’re living in, but there are also different prices for different services. For example, standard costs range from $0.25 to $20, mortgage closings are more expensive, and loans vary by the purpose. However, there is a maximum allowable charge that limits what amount can be charged. When it comes to paying, most of them are applying for a merchant account and they have credit card processing services so you can pay by card, but it’s much safer to have cash with you, just in case.

Make sure you're not overpaying the service you use

How Do You Become a Mobile Notary? Buy a Course That You Like

Are mobile notaries in demand, and should you become one? The answer is yes – if you’re interested in that, because they are in demand. For the past two years, this occupation became a hot topic. Being a mobile notary is a nice way to earn money, and since new businesses are showing up every day, this profession is sought out. So, how do you become one? You must first become a notary.

Take a Notary Public Commission

Each state has its own regulations, but these steps are the usual ones. You must be eighteen years old or older, a legal resident, complete a course of study that is approved by the Secretary of State, and pass a written examination. After that, you should submit fingerprints and wait for the commission packet. When that is done, buy the public materials you will require and file a public oath and bond.

Now You Can Become a Signing Agent

No special knowledge is required to become a traveling agent. If you like spending your day driving and talking over the phone, this job is for you. You don’t have to do it as your main occupation, since the business can be slow, but even part-time working can bring you a good income. Visit some of the notary supply companies or purchase online the following items you will use:

  • A seal
  • Bound journal
  • Thumb printer
  • Copy certification by document custodian forms
  • Acknowledgment and jurat pads
  • Certified copies of power of attorney forms.

If you wish to do mortgage transactions and loan signings, keep in mind that they involve specific types of documents that have to be handled very carefully. That’s why it’s necessary to have specific training in identifying different kinds of loan documents and understanding what is the function of each. Any kind of additional training is also welcome if you want to be one of the best on the market.

When you become completely sure that you understand the business, you can start doing some marketing and advertising. Your potential customers should be the people in your area, and you should set up the limit to how far you would travel. They should know that you know how to execute loan documents and that you can explain the purpose of each type of document. You can start your own website and apply to receive The National Notary Association’s certification. Take a look at the following video to see how it looks to become a traveling notary.

How the Notary Signing Business Helps Entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneur that is currently working on starting their own brand new business, looking for the right merchant services and credit card processing, and finding qualified employees is too busy to spend their day searching for the notary. There’s even less time to drive to their office, wait for an appointment in the middle of working hours, and to finish all urgent things on short notice. Setting up credit card processing alone is not an easy task, so entrepreneurs really need a hand. Traveling agents are just the thing – while you focus your attention to the time-sensitive assignments, a traveling notary will take care of everything that is in their power.